Christmas is my favorite period of the year (with Halloween)! I love the spirit and the magic around it. When we arrive in November, everything is getting cold and sad, but then as Christmas gets closer all the streets and shops light up with decorations!

You can start feeling the excitement, people are joyful, it is as if they put at hold their stress of everyday life. They start decorating the Christmas tree and the house around early December. The next big step is the presents, children start writing their big wish list and parents tell their kids to behave as Santa Claus is coming to town! You’re family members and friends go buy presents for the special night.

The Christmas dinner is without the shadow of a doubt the most important part of the celebration. The family and friends reunite from all over the world. They put the presents underneath the Christmas tree and get ready for the for a big meal. After the dinner, the kids rush to the tree to open their presents and the parents take the pictures. I used to open my presents a week before Christmas as I traveled a lot and was never at home. This year I decided to stay at home for Christmas for the first time! We then usually do a big family reunion in January (just after the holidays!).

Merry Christmas, Tiffany Lea

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