I am currently in Geneva, where the weather is gray and cold. I guess it’s a good preparation for New York where it’s going to be even colder! I am still very excited about this trip as I love New York and am going to spend my new years there. I should be leaving just after Christmas!

After all the excitement and fun that New York should give me, I will be leaving for the beach and sun and what better place for that than the Maldives! I have already been there a few times, but I am still very excited to do sea diving and relax at the beach all day!

Before coming back home, I have one more thrilling stop; Paris! For the Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Show! I am so eager to go back as I had so much fun last time! This Chanel Fashion Show is also very special as it is my first post ever! And the beginning of this new adventure.

love, Tiffany Lea

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