So now that everyone has fully accepted the fact that I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead, I can continue to do get the look blog posts for all of the characters! Today’s get the look won’t be about one of my favorite characters but considering the fact that she is pretty well-known, I think it’s important that I still do one for her… So without further ado, here’s how you can get the look of Enid.
Starting with some background information, before dressing like her, you should know that Enid is the only teen girl survivor (other than Beth) that we know of. Also, due to her excessive mysteriousness and annoyance, I never particularly liked her… But, if we get to know her better in the episodes to come, I think I will slowly start liking her more. I mean she has already changed a bit in last week’s episode, so rumor has it, she’s off to a good start. Finally, her looks aren’t that original, but, considering the fact that there’s an apocalypse in her area, I kind of had to forgive her…



Bralette : Urban Outfitters

White top : Aeropostale

Shirt : Aeropostale

Jean : Urban Outfitters

Bag & Bracelet : Urban Outfitters

Shoes : Converse






Sweatshirt : American Eagle Outfitters

Cardigan : American Eagle Outfitters

Short : Asos

Socks : Asos

Shoes : Steve Madden

Bag & Bracelet : Urban Outfitters



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