This October, Chanel kindly invited my mom and I to go to Venice for a couple of days. We arrived on Wednesday in the late afternoon and barely had any time to settle in. As soon as we got to our hotel, we quickly opened our suitcases, got changed and then left to go to our dinner reservation at the Gritti restaurant. As per usual, the food was exquisite! After the dinner, as it was my first time ever visiting Venice, we took a gondola around the city. Gondolas are the long, traditional Venetian rowing boats that are used to get around Venice! This was ultimately an amazing experience as I had never done anything like it before!!! After the boat ride, we went back to the hotel to sleep as we were all exhausted from all the traveling that we have been doing.
The next day, I woke up at 10am sharp to join the Chanel employees 45 minutes later. Starting our busy schedule with a tour of the ‘Santa Maria Della Saluta’ which was the church next to the art exhibition that we were here for. After spending 15 minutes at the church, we walked over to see the ‘La Punta Do Gana’ which was the incredible art show. It was filled with different styles of art from different eras. Leaving the art exhibition speechless, I went back to the hotel to rest as I had slept a mere five hours the night before. During my one hour of ordering food and relaxing, my mom and the rest and our friends from Chanel went to visit a different art gallery called ‘Palazzio Grassi’. Unfortunately, I never got to see it but from what my mom told me, it was amazing!!!
Then, after I had fully recovered from my lack of sleep, my hairstylist came to my room to help me get ready for the big Chanel event. After she did my hair, I put on my dress and and got into yet another boat to drive to the ‘Palazzio Ca’ Pesaro’, the international modern art gallery. In the gallery, we saw an astonishingly beautiful exhibition about the culture of Chanel. Then finally, at around 8pm, we went to a cocktail and dinner at the Palazzo Loredan Dell’ambasciatore!!!



love, Tiffany Lea



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