You are on a night with your friends, you’ve been dancing for a while and walking quite a bit too. You are having loads of fun but after a while, your feet start to hurt from the pumps that you are wearing and all that fun disappears with the pain of blisters and soars all around your feet… Does that ring any bells? Everyone that wears heels wants nothing more than to have fun without getting hurt. Heels make us look taller, they elongate our legs and are perfect for finishing off a stylish outfit, but, nobody wants to have all of that if the end result is pain. That’s why I’m here, to save the day and guide you in the right direction of which shoes to wear that won’t hurt you.
Shoes that are pretty and comfortable do exist, you just need to know what type of shoe fits your feet best. If you are in pain when wearing any type of heel or if you aren’t used to wearing heels, you should definitely try out platforms. They may seem really hard to walk in, but trust me, they are so much easier as the heel is much smaller, you should also try out booties! Also, when looking for cute pumps, remember that the thicker the heel, the more support you will have and the less pain you will be in. Another tip is that if you regularly get blisters when wearing heels, you should try out Compeed bandages as they stay on all day and are the #1 best selling blister product in Europe. Finally, you should know that the people around you will definitely be able to tell that you aren’t comfortable in your heels. Even though your outfit might look great, your face won’t as you will be grimacing in pain. Therefore, I have attached photos of all of my favourite super comfortable pumps that you should all go and try on!!!

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 Just remember not to loose hope. You will find shoes that are comfortable and pretty at the same time, trust me, they do exist!

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