TEEN WOLF CONVENTION : 24&25 September, Paris

After taking a quick look through my blog, anyone would realise that I am obsessed with TV shows!  Lucky for all of us crazy fans out there, an organisation in Paris creates conventions where we get to meet our favourite actors from our favourite shows! These events are organised by Guest Events and are set throughout the year, giving each show their very own weekend convention. For example, the convention for the show Pretty Little Liars is always on in January and the convention for The Vampire Diaries is always in May… This weekend I decided to go to the Teen Wolf convention with a friend of mine!! I am not the biggest fan of the show but as I adore the cast and have never met any of the actors before, I decided to go… And for the first time ever, I got VIP tickets!!! This meant that my friend and I got to meet and take photos with every single actor… So without any further anticipation, here are the pictures from my weekend at the Teen Wolf convention in Paris!

love, Tiffany Lea

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