Everyone has their own essential beauty tip that makes them feel that little bit extra pretty in the morning. We all have little favorite tips and tricks that just make us that little bit more happy, that little bit more confident. This essential tip usually corrects something that we consider as a flaw. In my case, my flaw is under eye circles, so the tip that I’ll be sharing with you today is how to completely eradicate them!!
So to do so, I use under-eye masks… Even though numerous people ask me “but Tiff aren’t you only 15?”, I still love and use them religiously. I have had sleeping problems for as long as I can remember so this beauty trick really helps to hide that. I mean who wouldn’t want to look their best after a crazy night out or a sleepless night??
So to get the best use out of these magic patches, I put them on before I go to sleep and take them off the next morning (which is longer that advised on the packets but it makes the outcome so much better!!) My favorite brand of eyepatches are from Estée Lauder and Tarte. So there you go, my favorite beauty tip and where do recreate it yourself! Enjoy!

XXX, Tiffany Lea

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