You don’t need to be close to me to know that Dan & Phil (two British YouTubers, who I already made a post about in June) are important to me. I never really explained why… If you read my  “THE TRUTH ABOUT WHY I LEFT HIGH SCHOOL” post, you should know that I was depressed for a few months. During those months, around the end of 2015, I got some help, which helped me a lot. But the main thing that helped me was Dan & Phil. It might be stupid for some of you, but they were the only thing I had during that time, and they really helped me. I am so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to meet them. It may be cheesy, and a lot of people may say the same thing, but that’s the honest truth about why I appreciate them so much. I know they helped so many other people too. It’s funny how whenever I’m sad I will watch Dan relate and Phil to make me happy. They each have their own personalities, and they are amazing. I met them on the 14th of June 2016 in the Paramount Theater of Arts in Oakland, and I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my entire life.

XXX, Tiffany Lea

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