My mom, the Gucci assistant and I left our hotel at around 10h30 in the morning to start our mini tour of Milan, commencing with a visit to the Duomo Cathedral. We jumped in our car and arrived in 10 minutes later. The second we stepped out of the vehicle, we were engulfed into an Italian paradise! I have been to Milan plenty of times in the past but never before had I really had the time to stop, look around and take pictures. As you can imagine, with the early hot sun, the Cathedral looked stunning. The sky was blue and the marble architecture of the Cathedral that had taken several hundred years to build just looked simply exuberant. Never in my life have I felt so small standing next to a 107-meter tall building… Once I finished taking photos and acting like a typical tourist, my mother and I went up to the very top of the Cathedral. The view was remarkable and quite frankly beautiful. We were then lead to the Corsocomo restaurant for lunch. It was in the centre of Milan and was filled with plants and cool lights. I ordered quinoa and a traditional Italian pizza!  After that, we went to the Rossana Orlandi where again, I took loads of amazing pictures! We then went back to the hotel where we relaxed for a few hours before leaving again to go out for dinner at 19h in Ceresion. Again, the food was really, really good. I ordered tartare and pasta but was way too full to have dessert… Once we had finished our meal, our chauffeur picked us up and brought us to the hotel where we had a good nights sleep!
I am going to post Day Two and Day Three over the next two days.

XXX, Tiffany Lea

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