Particularly in the summer season, theme parks are great places to visit if you want a day full of laughter and excitement! This is why, a couple of days ago, I decided to visit the Universal Park in Hollywood.
I’ve always adored theme parks, especially ones that feature Disney characters, Marvel superheroes or Harry Potter! I have already visited the Universal Park in Orlando and even though it is much bigger than the one in Hollywood, I still had a fantastic day!
I arrived with my two friends at the Hollywood theme park at around 11h30 in the morning and bought a “cut the line” day pass. We then started exploring the theme park. While walking, we passed loads of fun characters like the minions and scooby-doo… After a while, we decided to head into the Harry Potter section of the theme park called “Hogsmeade.” It was unbelievable, I also took the time to take a butterbeer! I have always been a huge fan of the Harry Potter book/movie series so to see Hogwarts in real life was indescribable!! The Harry Potter rides were also superb! At the end, I bought a Gryffindor cape and Dumbledore’s wand.
After visiting the Harry Potter section we went to Starbucks to cool down, and then I met up with a friend for lunch.
After lunch, we went to see two 4D shows, Shrek and Despicable Me.
After that, we went to do the Jurassic Park ride which I had already done in Orlando but enjoyed nevertheless. But unfortunately, as the ride consisted of sitting on a boat in a river, I got a bit wet!
After that, we did the Transformers ride but as it had a technical issue, along with four other people, my friend and I were trapped on the ride for about 20 minutes… Which was pretty scary as we were in the dark.
After that crazy adventure, we bought some souvenirs for friends and did a couple more rides. We finally left the park at 23h30 to go to a restaurant for dinner in the city.
Following our meal, we walked to the famous Los Angeles Walk of Fame which I had first visited exactly three years ago that day.

XXX, Tiffany Lea

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