2 OOTD’s from my week-end in Los Angeles + my favorite​ healthy spots to brunch!

Hey guys! I hope you’re doing good! For today’s post, I wanted to share two OOTD’s I wore while on my trip to Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, along with what I did in those two days. I was also completely craving the food in LA while writing this post, so I decided to include most of the snacks on these menus where I ate. I had to share this with you in case you are in, or will soon go to the city of angels! Anyways, let’s get on to the post of LA inspired outfits and snacks!

The day after we arrived in LA back from New York, we decided to go and have brunch at the Cabana Cafe (in the Beverly Hills Hotel)! They have the best chocolate chip pancakes there. But, my absolute go-to and main recommendation of what to eat there is the avocado toasts and their ‘regular’ lemonade! It’s my number one spot to brunch with family and friends while we’re in the city. My mom and I really wanted to go eat brunch there, so we booked a table (which you don’t usually have to do) and went to the hairdresser before! My mom got a cut and blowdry, and I asked to have my hair styled in space buns! After brunch and the hairdresser, we decided to walk around Melrose, and we went inside a couple of art galleries. Later in the afternoon, we went to Carrera Cafe, which is the nicest cutest little corner-of-the- street cafe! I initially was stopping by to get water or coffee while in Melrose but really stopped and ordered a couple things to eat. It was my first time eating there. They have pretty much everything you would think of to eat and the best salads! You can also custom the foam on top of your cappuccinos, which is so lovely! My mom and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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For the outfit for this day, I wore a beige top from Brandy Melville, shorts from BDG (at Urban Outfitters) with Gucci ‘Paramount’ Bomber and the classic Dr. Martens lace-up boots!

On our second day, we went to Gratitude Cafe which is an insanely delicious vegan restaurant (unlike the Carrera Cafe, that’s smaller and more like a cafe than a restaurant). I usually get the Açaí Bowl, as well. It’s a literal heaven! I also loved their lasagne, avocado toasts, and various salads. I didn’t even realize any of these foods were vegan because they were so good and tasty. I highly recommend it! They also have multiple locations around the city, which is more than practical, especially with the constant bad traffic haha. After that, my mom and I went to buy a suitcase and stopped by Alfred’s for a fresh coconut!

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The cherry-print top that I wore this day is from Lovers and Friends; my high-rise blue jeans are from BDG, and the belt I paired it with is from Brandy Melville. For the shoes, I wore slip-on ‘Chelsea’ 2976 Platform Dr. Martens boots and decided not to take a jacket since I was in jeans already, and it wasn’t that cold.

Los Angeles is one of my favorite places to head and have brunch as there are so many spots, and they all top each other! My two favorite places are by far the Cabana Cafe and Gratitude Cafe, and you can sit outside at both, which is especially good with the perfect Californian weather! I also really liked the outfits I wore as I felt confident and not too warm or too cold either day.

What are your favorite places to brunch in LA or in your hometown? What is your go-to outfit for fall? I think mine is definitely jeans and Dr. Martens with a sweater. I made my go-to look with a little less clothing for the LA weather for this trip, ahah. Anyways, let me know in the comments!

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