Hey guys! How’s it going? A few days ago I went to see the new mystery/thriller ‘Us’ with a really good friend of mine. Wow, I left with so much more than what I was expecting and quite frankly I needed a few days to gather my thoughts. If you haven’t seen or heard about it yet, ‘Us’ is Jordan Peele’s (who is the Academy Winner for his screenplay in ‘Get Out’), newest creation that he directed, wrote and produced. As soon as I heard Jordan Peele was releasing a new movie I booked my tickets and went to the theatre. Well, the day it came out haha. As a huge fan of horror movies, I was very excited to see something new but not filled with scream-provoking scenes. Not to spoil anything, but I love the idea of doppelgängers and the terror we have of ourselves (duality…) which is so fascinating to me and was shown in the film! I was engaged the whole way through and I overall enjoyed it a lot, even though there were a few slight problems (in my opinion).
As always, I will try my best to make this a no spoilers review!

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Quickly before getting onto more details let me tell you a bit about the story itself. The story is about a family called the Wilsons that head to Santa Cruz for a family and friends vacation. Adelaide (a member of the family who is played by Lupita Nyong’o) starts rethinking about past traumatic events due to weird recurring coincidences. These thoughts came back not only for her but also for other members of her friends/family.  That is essentially the basis of the story without giving any spoilers. This movie is one of the few times I’ve seen a black middle-class family as leads in a horror film. It’s always nice to see more variety in movies (and not only in entertainment), but it needs to keep continuing! Either way, the plot was interesting and very original. I love Jordan Peele’s mind, you know it’s always going to surprise you. The movie weirdly also incorporated a lot of humor and it was even well paced (which is SO rare for humor in horror!).
There were still some things that didn’t work for me. First of all, something I didn’t like was the situation with the hands (you will know if you have seen it). There were also a little bit too many plot holes for me. A lot of questions raised by the plot were answered but still slightly not enough in my opinion. But, I do adore that these plot holes keep you thinking about the film and it pretty much leaves you filling up these blanks and creating theories in your head, which is pretty cool!


It’s also the best work I have seen from Lupita Nyong’o along with her more than heartbreaking performance in ‘Twelve Years a Slave’. And although she wasn’t very nice to me when I met her, she truly helped make the movie what it is. But that was not only her, the rest of the family are also amazing actors! Since the characters have to portray both their character and their ”doppelgänger”, Winston Duke (that I know as M’Baku in ‘Black Panther’) was great and helped lift the movie and the dark topics it includes. As well as Shahidi Wright Joseph!
This is one of those movies (like ‘Get Out’) where you understand so much more things and catch onto more details during the second watch. I also adored how they modified the song ”I got five on it”! They used this song in the trailer and movie as well. A great soundtrack makes any movie much, much better, but it’s crucial for a horror movie! So, this movie definitely has that good element of good music.

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I overall preferred Peele’s first thriller ‘Get Out’ although this one was excellent and overall way more unsettling! If there weren’t these few small problems I think I would love ‘Us’ just as much as ‘Get Out’. I still absolutely can not wait to see more from Jordan Peele! If you like dark mysteries and horror, I would recommend this movie for you! I give it a 7.5/10.
That’s‘ it for today’s post! Let me know if you’ve heard about ‘Us’! Also, are you more a comedy/action person or more horror like me? Let me know!
Lots of LOVE, as always,


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