The Instagram​ hair oil that every girl swears by – GISOU’S (all natural) Honey Infused Hair Oil REVIEW

Hey guys! Wow, I’ve just realized that I have been doing a ton of reviews lately. Although, none of them were sponsored… I wish they were haha! Anyways, I was looking for a birthday gift for a really good friend of mine on Urban Outfitters and I came across this hair oil in the beauty section. It’s from the brand “Gisou” created by the blogger Negin Mirsalehi. I’ve been seeing this product all over Instagram and on a few blogs I follow. So, I finally decided it should be my chance to get my hands on it! I also love how Negin’s hair looks so I trust her judgment!
(Little Disclaimer): Once again this post is not sponsored by Urban Outfitters or Gisou. This is my honest non-biased review. Please enjoy!

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The price of this product is €74,00/$84.00 for 100ml on Gisou’s official website. It retailed for $90 on Urban Outfitters but I believe you can get 20% off it if you have the App on your iPhone/Android! Either way, I think we can all agree that it is very pricey for a hair oil. It is definitely by far the most expensive hair oil I’ve tried in my life. But, the hair lover that I am had to get my hands on it. Also, I think I am slowly becoming a beauty guru so I had to try it out! I hesitated to get the travel size as it was obviously cheaper but I do use a lot of products for my hair since it is so thick! If I were to buy the travel size and ended up loving the product I would be disappointed at how fast it would run out! So, I went for the full 100ml sized bottle and let me tell you that I was far from disappointed.
When the package arrived I was surprised at how big it was! It came in a beautiful pastel pink box with the brand engraved in rose-gold. The quality of the packaging is definitely an A+ for me! I love that it came with a little very aesthetically pleasing book with the story of the oil. I was surprised to read that the honey from the oil comes from Negin’s family who has been beekeepers for 6 generations! I thought it was so cool how she used her family business to create this now famous product! It also made me feel less bad about the amount of money I was spending as I presume some of it is going to the family business.
I personally use hair oil every morning and night on my hair and have done so for as long as I can remember! It truly is essential to my hair routine and is frankly one of the few products I use for my hair… apart from the obvious shampoo, mask, and conditioner. My hair is naturally wavy and it tends to get a bit dry so I always let my hair dry naturally (to avoid damage). The only few times I dry my hair (therefore damaging it) is when I get it straightened! I’ve mentioned this a few times in posts but I do a braid every night. It is the best way for me to wake up without knots and it also accentuates my light curls.
Right after letting my hair down from its towel after a long shower I apply a few drops of oil to my hair. I do so by warming the product a bit in my hands and applying it progressively from the tips of my hair up to my scalp (only once there’s barely no oil left to add a little shine). As the key ingredient is honey I was very surprised at how light the oil felt and it was not sticky at all! The one and only thing that I hate about hair oils are if you put a little too much your hair is going to look greasy. I’ve had this problem countless times when I was younger. Throughout the years I gladly managed to learn the perfect amount of hair oil for me to leave my hair not looking greasy but still looking healthy and shiny. Surprisingly,  this hair oil does not have this problem as it felt and looks so light. It gives you the perfect shine whilst hydrating your hair. But of course, if you over exaggerate with the drops, your hair will look greasy!
You can use this product to give shine to your hair. If you have the impression that your hair is looking dull and feeling dry you can use the oil to help your hair.  You can also add some drops of the product to a hair mask you love or use it as an overnight treatment (which I love to do the night before washing my hair)!
This product truly entered into the essentials-that-I-bring-with-me-everywhere section of my products! I used to use Kérastase oil and sometimes Shu Uemura (when I could get my hands on it in the US) but this Gisou oil completely turned me and now I am hooked on this hair oil and this one only. I will definitely purchase another one as soon as this bottle runs out and maybe I will even get it in a travel size to keep in my bag! I am a huge honey lover which makes me really love this product. Honey is one of the few magic ingredients that have so many uses that I love to try out! I am also really glad that more natural products are added to things like hair oil. I can’t mention enough how hard I try to be on myself when selecting a product that has natural ingredients. I am very selective with the products I use. It is so important! As well as honey this product has ingredients such as almond and coconut oil which are so healthy and good for your hair!
I definitely recommend this product for anyone that struggles to maintain their curls or feels that their hair is very dry. I know it is expensive but trust me; it is worth it! I personally find that when my hair looks and feels good I am very confident and maybe if you get this product you will feel that way too!
I think that now I have pretty much said it all! Let me know if you’ve heard of Gisou or Negin Mirsalehi! Also do you use hair oil in your routine? Let me know!
Lot’s of LOVE, as always,
Tiffany Lea

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