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I wouldn’t normally have posted a movie review today, as I posted a post in that category not too long ago… But as I recently saw Netflix’s latest rom-com ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’, I immediately changed my mind! It’s a movie based on the book trilogy by Jenny Han that I remember almost buying a few years ago and now regret that I didn’t! I was very surprised when I saw the trailer and honestly couldn’t wait to see the movie, and even couldn’t wait to get a hold of the books… somehow the trailer has inspired me to start reading again! So anyway, I finally had the opportunity to see the film and I absolutely loved it so, therefore, I decided to dedicate an entire post to share with you all my thoughts and comments on every little detail of ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’. Enjoy!

Before watching the movie, my foremost fear was that it would be too similar to ‘The Kissing Booth’ (another recent rom-com produced by Netflix) starring Joey King and would therefore not be original nor super entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, their plots are completely different but I was hoping this one would have a little bit more background to it… I liked ‘The Kissing Booth’ a lot but it was too classically a rom-com for me, too typical and well, too cheesy. So anyway, when I finally got to see ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’, I didn’t really arrive with the best intentions but trust me, I left feeling fulfilled, impressed and with a smile up to my eyes! To put it short, I was far from disappointed! The storyline was interesting from start to finish, and I was captivated in every scene, constantly wondering what was going to happen next… Overall, great success!


Now let me tell you a bit about the synopsis. Sixteen-year-old Lara Jean Song Covey (played by the stunning Lana Condor) wrote letters to the five biggest crushes she’s had in her life. She never meant to send these letters so wrote them as mere instruments to express her feelings… I guess you could call them a cute outsource of emotions! But anyways, the character Lara used these letters as a way for her to understand her feelings and again, she never meant for anyone to read them… But one day, all hell breaks loose as her letters are released for the crushes to see. And let me warn you now, her life changes quite a bit after this!

Onto my review of the movie (without any spoilers of course!): First things first, I’d like to comment on how amazing it was to see an Asian-American actress in the lead role of a Netflix rom-com! Alongside the talented Lana Condor was also a brilliantly-chosen cast, which included some of my faves such as Janel Parrish (famous for her role in Pretty Little Liars), who in this movie portrays the role of Margot, Lara Jean’s older sister! Anna Cathcart aka Kitty also did a great job, as all her scenes were super funny and spot on. Now onto Noah Centineo, the really good-looking heartthrob who plays Peter! Mind you, his on-screen chemistry with Lara Jean looked unbelievably real… anyone think there might be some real chemistry there?


I also talked to a few friends who have read the book and they all told me that they were really happy with the adaptation, which is pretty rare for a movie nowadays! A few people have said that Peter wasn’t portrayed as being white, but that’s the thing with diversity… an Asian woman lead shouldn’t necessarily have to be with an Asian love interest! I hate it when people try to simplify and codify relationships like that!

All in all, I loved ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ from start to finish, it’s a perfect rom-com to brighten up your day and soften the upcoming, miserable end of summer. I think I’ll give this movie a 9/10, as I’ve seen it twice already and it might genuinely be my new favourite rom-com. I enjoy a funny teenage movie from time to time, but it’s usually hard for me to like this type of movie as much as I did! I mean, you guys know me, rom-coms normally aren’t my thing! But this, of course, makes for a brilliant exception!

Please let me know if you watch the film and if you have already, what you thought of it! Do you like Noah Centineo? Are you excited to see his upcoming Netflix movie ‘Sierra Burgess is a Loser’ coming out September 7th? Let me know! Also, do you agree with my 9/10? Remember if you haven’t seen the movie yet, please DM me or comment below with your ranking once you do!

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  1. I really enjoyed watching the movie. It was a pretty unique plot, although I first thought it was a typical romance movie based on cliche ideas. I would rank it that way too. Really great movie, and YES the acting of Lana and Noah was very good <3

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