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Today I wanted to write an article for you about a brand that I’ve been wanting to try out for ages… Pat McGrath Labs! If you don’t what/who that is, it’s a makeup brand created by the one and only, highly prestigious and well, phenomenal British makeup artist Pat McGrath. I kept on seeing her amazing products inside of Sephora stores but never ended up buying them due to their expensive nature… I always told myself that I could get so much more for the same price! But anyways, I was in a Sephora in Los Angeles the other day and fell upon one of her stands. I thought it was the perfect time to try out a couple of items from this brand and let you know my thoughts about them, so you have to go and buy them yourselves! The items at her stand were very limited and unfortunately only included lipsticks, lip-liners, eyeshadow palettes and highlighter sticks! Upon my arrival at this stand, I immediately fell in love with the Mothership II: Sublime Palette (the same one I fell upon a couple months prior), a gorgeous dark rose matte lipstick and a highlighter + balm duo as I was super curious and wanted to try a few different items to give you my full opinion of the brand. So do these items stand up to their price? Do they live up to the name? Let’s find out, shall we!


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MATTETRANCE LIPSTICK in “Flesh 3”– $40.00

Starting off with the lipstick, I thought, by the looks of the product, that it would have been very matte but in actual fact, it creates more of a comfortable matte feel as it never completely dries. So a touch-up every few hours is all that is needed for this product. I am not a big fan of the shape of the lipstick as it’s not very precise and a bit too round at the tip. But with a little bit of concentration and a good lip liner, it wasn’t that hard to apply! I originally wanted to buy the shade “Omi” but as they were sold out, I went for “Flesh 3”, a gorgeous pink shade, perfect for a day out, a dinner or even a night out!  As I bought it very recently I haven’t been able to try it out for a whole day yet, I just hope it’s not the kind of matte lipstick that gets crusty after a few hours as it does feel a bit dry! But regardless, I’ve tried it out for an afternoon and really liked it, the finished look was gorgeous. I’m glad to have one of her lipsticks in my collection, especially in such a unique shade, but I won’t be buying any more as personally, I believe that you can find a much better lipstick for a much more friendly price.


Now onto the real fun! This is officially my new, absolute favourite eyeshadow palette. The colours are INSANE and each eyeshadow is extremely pigmented. Eyeshadow primers are essential for this palette to avoid glitter fallouts all over your face while applying the product! Also, primers will definitely ensure the product with a longer duration. This is the perfect day to night palette with 10 incredible eyeshadows; 4 glitter, 4 soft glitter, and 2 full mattes. You can create anything from a soft ombre to a smokey-eye to a full golden glaze! This is a palette worth its price as first, eyeshadows last forever, and also because the pigments and colours really stand out from other brands that I’ve tried out. All the shadows have a soft creamy feel and they’re really comfortable to have on! Some of my favourite colours from this palette have to be “Bronze 005”, “VR Nectar”, “Rose Dusk” and “Blitz Emerald”! Can’t wait to create a look with each of these incredible shadows!


And last but not least, this is the perfect runway highlighter. With this highlighter, you can either highlight for a natural look using either one of the two products on your light zones (cheekbones, eyebrow bone, collar bones…). Or go for a glow-across-the-room-kind-of-look using the two products together (highlighter and then balm). This product is therefore very versatile as it provides you with the evident flexibility to cater to your desires. I love products like this that you can layer and that gives you the option to intensify/soften a look! The highlighting duo is also perfect for whenever you don’t want feel like wearing makeup but still want a little glow. You can also apply the tiniest bit of this product at the center of your eyelid for a fresh luminous look. I adore this makeup tool as you can just throw it into your bag and apply it (or touch up) whenever you want to. Apply and use this product with either your fingers (I prefer to do it this way as the powders all have a creamy texture and it makes your application more precise)  it’s a creamy texture and I don’t use cream textures with brushes, fingers are much more precise in my opinion) or with a buffer brush! Even though the product is very expensive for a highlighter DUO, I can still genuinely say that I’m over the moon with the result. Super happy for a super highlighter!


And that’s it! Three products for $220… In my opinion, only two of the above items were worth their price (even though they’re still very expensive…) but the winner is by far the palette. You can just tell by the amazing quality and mind-blowing glitter shades that you’re in for a good time! The packaging is also so beautifully done and very artsy, you can definitely tell they care about the aesthetic look of the product (which in my opinion, is a very important element of any brand’s marketing).

Let me know whether or not you have heard of this brand before! If yes, what’s your favourite shade from the palette! Do you know who Pat McGrath is? What’s your favourite eyeshadow palette? Comment down below!

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