Hey guys, I have some exciting news to share with you all…

If you’ve been keeping up with my social media accounts recently, you should know that I’m currently in Los Angeles and, that yesterday, I attended the 2018 Teen Choice Awards!! Crazy right? Hosted by Nick Cannon and Lele Pons, this year’s awards were so much fun. I had the amazing opportunity to attend my first ever awards show and I met a bunch of really amazing people. I went to the event with a good friend of mine, Chloé (link to her Instagram music account HERE, if you would like to check her out!) and to put it short, I had the time of my life! From walking a pink carpet to meeting all the stars… here’s how it all went down.

As for all the big events that I attend, I like to divide the experience into two posts so that the article isn’t dreadfully long. This post will, therefore, be focusing on the first things we did once we arrived at the teen choice awards. That includes walking the pink carpet, where I was literally in a sea of A-listers, and going into the green room, a super cool backstage lounge. Be sure to check my blog tomorrow for part two about the ceremony itself and of course, the incredible after-party!

Starting off our experience, we left for the event just before 3 pm as that’s when the pink carpet opened. Upon our arrival, my friend and I found ourselves completely lost… stranded in the parking lot, we only eventually found our way by asking staff members for directions! Once we found it, we were both completely overwhelmed by the size of the venue, it was huge!

Once my friend and I finally made our way in and past the extensive security check, we were shown into a huge ‘main’ room. Inside this room was the arena, which is where several hours later, the ceremony took place. First impressions included our shock by how huge the stage was and how many hundreds of seats there were! It was so weird seeing all the cameras and backstage appliances that you never see on TV… After these multiple shocks, we walked around and then finally headed to the carpet!

The pink carpet was endlessly long and packed full of A-listers. We strolled around, took some pictures beside the teen choice wall and then that’s when I ran into the first celebrity of the night, Maia Mitchell who had just finished posing for the millions of paparazzi photographers. We talked about ‘The Fosters’ (where she’s starring as Callie Jacob), took a picture together, I complimented her on her outfit and then she said goodbye, gave me a hug and headed on to do interviews! My next encounter was even more exciting… I wrote about this a while ago but I was supposed to go meet Sabrina Carpenter in New York for her concert last summer, but we ended up not going due to a last-minute complication. So as you can probably guess, I was beyond happy to finally meet her here! She was incredibly sweet and kept complimenting me on my outfit and my rings!

And my dear friends, from there the craziness truly began. I then fell upon Mark Consuelos (Hiram Lodge in Riverdale) and then ran into the phenomenal co-host of the night, Lele Pons! After that, I met KJ Apa who I had previously met during my first year at Coachella (read my post about that HERE). They were all so remarkably nice but obviously didn’t have much time to speak to us as they were being interviewed and photographed every other second! Quickly after that, I met Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler who were both super nice. Right after that, I bumped into Nick Robinson that I absolutely adore from all of his movies, so that was a really nice encounter too!

After that wave of celebrities, encounters and fun, my friend and I decided to go get something to drink, so we headed to the exit (as that’s where the drink bars were). On our way there, I met Chloë Grace Moretz who has been one of my favourite actresses for years! She looked amazing and was so down to earth! Then my friend and I continued heading towards the exit when we bumped into the adorable Cole Sprouse (from Jughead and Riverdale)!! We both took pictures with him and even got to speak to him for a bit! Even though he was surrounded by a lot of people, all wanting to speak to him, he still made the effort to hold a conversation with the two of us! After a while, he sadly apologized, said goodbye and moved onto taking pictures and doing interviews. We then entered a queue and began our wait for refreshments, during which we ran into Lili Reinhart! She was lovely and dressed in pink from head to toe, very Elle Woods-like! Even her lashes were bright pink!  I had also previously met Lili along with the cast of Riverdale at Coachella, click HERE to check that out!  After that, I met Lucy Hale, (most commonly known for her role as Aria in Pretty Little Liars), an actress that I’ve been watching from a very young age! She was, like the others, super nice and again, remarkably grounded and humble.

Once we got our drinks, my friend and I headed back into the building and went directly to the green room. There was food everywhere… from frozen yogurt to salads to guacamole to cheeseburgers, you pretty much had it all! They also had flashing sticker lights under each bottle of water they had. So everyone’s water bottles were flashing and as I was one of the very few drinking water in the room, I was flashing too! A few moments later I bumped into the one and only Joey King but didn’t want to bother her as she was eating. She also had flashing lights under her bottle so I guess we were pretty much twinning!  We then moved to sit and eat our food, where we met one of the first YouTubers I ever followed, Eva Gutowski! Even though I had previously met her at Coachella, it was still cool to see her again!  Nick Robinson was also near us so we waved at him!

Upon finishing our meals, we headed straight into the arena where we found our official seats and got excited for the ceremony to start! Which you will read all about tomorrow…

Looking back now, I am so beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to go and attend this event! I truly had an amazing time and cannot wait to tell you all about what happened next! A mix of surfboards, homages and of course, Zac Efron! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about the Teen Choice ceremony and FOX’s after party!

Here are some pictures from yesterday on the carpet!

Outfit: All Dior


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Let me know down in the comments section below which of the actors/public figures that I mentioned above are your favs? Did you watch the teen choice awards? Any favorite outfits? Let me know !!

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