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Now that fashion week is back on, and that I’ve had the craziest days in it so far (for example, yesterday at Stéphane Rolland’s fashion show, read about that HERE), it’s time for my second, and the last runway of the week: Fendi! Rumours pre-show stated that the collection was designed to be applicable for everyday use. The idea behind it was that this show was going to be filled with pieces wearable on a daily basis. That meant that I wouldn’t be expecting elegant dresses and gowns, and would instead be presented with more ‘casual’ outfits. Let me tell you now, I wasn’t disappointed! My expectations for the collection were reached and significantly surpassed. Also, my prediction concerning the use of sheer materials was spot on! Before going into the details of all the outfits that I fell for, let me tell you a bit more about how it all went down…
Right before I get into the post, I would like to mention that the night before the show, my mom, our friend (who works at Fendi) and I went to have dinner at Nobu, where Karl Lagerfeld happened to also be spending his evening. I walked in with my black floor length and deep neckline Fendi that I wore to the Avengers: Infinity War Premiere, (link to that HERE) and the after party (link HERE). I hadn’t noticed he was at the table next to us, but apparently, the master himself starred at me while I walked in. And as the huge fashion fan that I am, that had made my day (if not my week!). I’m not bragging about it, I just thought it was an unbelievable moment that I had to share with you guys! Anyways here’s how the rest of the event played out :
I first ordered lunch right before our makeup and hair team arrived. The lovely team assembled were the heart and soul of my look, without them, I wouldn’t have had the evening that I did! After deciding my hairstyle for the day: a messy side braid, and my makeup: a dark smokey-eye, we took about an hour to get the entire look all together. After this, all that was missing was a dress! So, I did as one does, and merely changed into my outfit for the show, which consisted of a yellow and black ankle-length dress and Dior black and golden booties. To finish off the look, I added an adorable Fendi red bag to the ensemble.
To offer you more details, my dress originally consisted off 2 layers: the first layer was black and the length of my knees, and the second was heart patterned and transparent fabric. I spoke to a tailor and while at the fitting for the said dress (a week ago), and we both decided that taking off the first layer would give me a ‘fresher, younger,’ more contemporary look. By entirely making the leg area transparent, I was also able to add my own twist to the look. To perfect this new-take on a standard dress, I wore my black Dior shorts underneath the skirt! After having completed my outfit, I made sure to pack my invitation and then we were good to go! My mom and I jumped into our car, headed straight to the Palais Brongniart.
Upon our arrival, we were immediately bombarded by bloggers and photographers who took pictures of our outfits and then slowly, we made our way inside. Once in the palace, we were greeted by the famous and classic Fendi wall where we once again, we got photographed. After that, we moved into the main room where the collection was going to be presented. Before heading to my seat, I spotted Caro Daur, Chiara Ferragni, and Mandy Moore! I then slowly took my seat, and the show started a mere minute later. The music started, and the first model walked in. She was wearing a bright yellow coat with electric blue, grey and brown patched all over it. The jacket was firmly closed around the chest area and evidently more open around the model’s legs. The look was completed with a pair of baby blue heels. Then the second look came out, with a model sporting a top with patterns very similar to the previous number, and with that, a midi skirt and orange heels. Following both those looks cam that a bright orange midi skirt in fur, and more heels in the same color. All of these looks were starting to create a very vivid idea in my head surrounding the theme of the show. With a little bit of research, I quickly discovered that the designers’ goal within this collection was to place emphasis on thinking differently, where a tilt towards less fur was made. This evidently explained the reasoning behind the title of the show: instead of fourrure, the collection’s presentation had been given the title of couture.
The next few looks stayed within the same style, including a lot of midi-dresses and skirts, loads of beautiful detailing, fur-mimicking and of course, bright colors. Then, a model appeared wearing a floor-length transparent peach dress with flowers embroidered all over it… After this, the looks started suddenly getting more and more transparent, including a lot of absolutely stunning dresses (as I had predicted!). As usual, there was also a use of fur throughout the collection. Although less than average, there was still an apparent desire for fur to hold its prominent role as a signature style of the brand. Moving on, following the use of transparency and sheer materials, a model came out wearing a splendid purple transparent (again!) dress with fish scale patterns all over it.
After the purple piece came, even more models walked out, with more and more coats containing more and more stripes and colorful items. Also, suddenly, knee-deep into the presentation, came out a lot of beautiful small glittery purses that I fell in love with! Up next, was a look that reminded me of Chanel Oberlin (played by Emma Robert in the TV Show ‘Scream Queens’). This outfit was a dusty pink fur coat with a matching collar and a midi-skirt and heels, all of which were the same color. There were a lot of incredible jackets ranging from black to pink to maroon which continued to appear. Another look that I really liked, was a sheer sparkly pink top with a transparent maroon ankle-length skirt and a long pink coat.
I continued to see more and more beautiful sheer dresses, which in my opinion, are perfect for the summer! I fell in love with each of them, all containing different original patterns! Another outfit that I absolutely loved was a shiny pink suit with a creme sheer floor-length dress on top. As soon as the model wearing it arrived, it felt like she left looking forgiving gave the impression that her skin was shiny! Up next was a flowing ankle-length white dress with baby blue heels. A dress with the whole belly area in a sheer transparent material giving us the impression that the model was wearing a crop top with a skirt! Then all the models walked out, and it was beautiful! Karl went out to receive cheers from the amazed crowd, and then the music stopped, and everyone got up to leave
The outfits were all so fresh and colorful! There was pretty much everything in the collection, ranging from cute bags to original yet straightforward dresses, beautifully detailed coats, and gorgeous tops! After the show, we went to have a little after-show cocktail where we got the incredible opportunity to meet the people from the design time? Then I took some photos at the beautiful location and then, well, we left for the Fendi dinner after-party. It took place at Loulou’s right next to the Musée du Louvre!  I also had the brilliant opportunity today to meet Chiara Ferragni (again). This was during the cocktail party which followed the show. We talked about a bit about her new baby and took pictures together!
Here are some of my favorite looks from the show as well as my very own outfit!
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 00.15.26Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 02.36.14Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 02.51.58
.Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 00.15.38Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 02.21.06Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 02.21.26Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 02.20.18Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 02.20.29
Overall, I had the most incredible day and honestly cannot wait to go to the showroom to see all the details of the outfits tomorrow! Let me know which of the looks was your favorite outfit from this Fendi Haute Fourrure Runway in the section below! Make sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about the showroom.
Lots of LOVE – as always,
Tiffany Lea

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24 thoughts on “FUN & GLOW – FENDI COUTURE FASHION SHOW 18/19

  1. Fend always has great stuff! How cool that Karl Largerfield noticed you when you were walking in, what a strike of lunch to be dinning at the same place as him. I really like him, not just as a designer, he seems like a cool guy.

    You look beautiful in that dress!!!!!!!!!!!!

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