Ever since I started my blog in 2016, I have received countless DM’s on instagram and comments on my blog as to how I do my hair. Although along the years I have never written a post about what I use in my hair routine, I’ve still done a couple about hairstyles. Anyways here I am, ready to solve all your inquiries and spill my secrets! Let’s go!
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Let’s start with the most essential part of my daily hair routine, the Shu Uemura Essence Absolute oil. When I get ready in the morning and undo my braid from the night before, I always add a tiny bit of this hair oil to make it shine for the entirety of a day. To ensure my hair doesn’t look greasy, I never apply more oil than the size of an almond. If you’re not used to putting oil in your hair and want to try this product out, remember to layer it bit by bit and not rush into full application at first. Trust me, you will be satisfied with the results! I also put this specific oil into my hair straight after I wash them as amongst other things, it thoroughly aids in strengthening my tips. I also love this oil because it avoids me ever getting split ends and is versatile to the point that it could be used on any hair type. I bought this product in New York and ever since, I’ve been in love.
2. Shampoo and Conditioner from Bumble and bumble / Hairdresser’s Invisible oil
I’ve recently adored the shampoo and conditioner from the brand, Bumble and bumble. These products are specifically tailored to dry hair so I wouldn’t recommend them for everyone, but the brand has a lot of other products for other hair types. Regardless of this, their shampoo has done miracles for me recently! I always wash my hair with shampoo twice, as I feel like my hair’s a lot cleaner the second time round. I’m also obsessed with their conditioner, as it works wonders in helping me detangle my hair! I bought these two products at boots in London and im really glad I did! They’re the perfect duo to make my hair clean, shiny and so so so soft!
3. KERASTASE / Resistance mask
Something that I mentioned in one of my recent Zimmylifestyle posts is that I use a hair mask every time I wash my hair. These particularly help me in the circumstance of me having a huge knot (very likely) as it softens the hair, de-stresses it and ultimately untangles! This specific mask also makes my hair really shiny and saves my dead ends. My favorite mask at the moment is Resistance from Kérastase. Let me tell you honestly that this mask is an absolute essential and a total life saver! My hairdresser in Geneva recommended it and I genuinely couldn’t have been happier with the results!
4. Bumble and bumble / While you sleep mask 
Moving on, during my most recent stay in London before I headed to LA for a premiere (link HERE), I decided to use an overnight hair mask for the first time. Hoping it would make my hair glow and really soft for the premiere, I had exceedingly high expectations for this product. Although I only wore this mask for about 5 hours during the day because I had my flight at 6am and couldn’t wash my hair in the morning, it worked amazingly. In other words, even though I didn’t wear the mask for a full night, it still made an enormous difference. It didn’t feel too uncomfortable throughout the day and was immensely easy to rinse off! I plan to continue replenishing my hair with this product in the future, preferably once a month! Theoretically every time I have a big event, I should wear this product overnight but as you all witnessed, I don’t have to use it for hours to achieve successful results! Even though this product isn’t exactly an ESSENTIAL, it still had to be included on my list as it is a great product.
Last but not least, I can’t do my hair routine without including one of my braids. As I have wavy hair (that gets tangled when I sleep), I need to brush my hair a do a braid every single night in order for it to stay calm and cute. I’ve gotten endless questions from my friends over the years as to why I meticulously do it but as I can’t brush my hair due to its magnitude and thickness, I have to stick to detangling it and braiding it! Like I mentioned before, I braid it at night and then wake up with it looking healthy and happy. Til this day, it is the best method (and fastest one) to tame my hair daily. The only time I don’t braid it is when I straighten it, and in doing so, I can actually brush it!
And that’s it folks! That brings me to the end of my post about everything that I use/do to my hair! If ever, I never blow dry my hair so that’s why it wasn’t mentioned.
Tell me something about your personal hair routine in the comments section below! What’s your favorite product? Have you heard of any of mine?
LOVE, as always
Tiffany Lea

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Hi, my name is Tiffany Lea. I'm a globetrotter and blogger. I posted every 2 to 3 days about everything ranging from events to travel to movies & tv shows to fashion...! Join me on all my adventures around the world! Instagram: @tiffanyzimmy


  1. Oh dear what a great post¡¡ I’m starting to use Kerastase brand, I know it’s fantastic but I usually look for product with paraben free so many of this product are full of chemical products, but I’ll keep this tips for sure¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    Kisses from Miami



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